About Me

What a scene, what a joy, what a lovely sight, when my blog is the big sensation…


My name is Ester Scott, and I am from Norfolk in the UK. I’m eighteen years young. I am a student at Cambridge University who is on an intermitting year. I go by Ester on the social media Twitter. I have a huge interest in Politics and I am keen to write about it on this blog. My biggest passion is political education- I believe the majority of citizens lack political education within this country. This is not a fault of their own; there is not enough accessible media and reports to understand events and situations if one is approaching politics for the first time, and parliamentarians often get caught up in complicated jargon that makes debates hard to understand. Therefore, the purpose of my blog is to inform people on political problems and situations, give my own takes and hopefully entertain.

Occasionally on this blog I’ll be talking about social issues, my favourite things and sometimes about myself.

My political interests: Socialism, Prime Ministerial Power, Elections, the judiciary in the UK and the US, feminism, political philosophy.

My non-political interests: Liverpool Football Club, European football, Chess The Musical, 80s synth pop, reading, collecting vinyl, Pulp and Peep Show.

My talents: typing fast and finding very obscure Chess The Musical/Murray Head content on the worldwide web. Seriously, I watched an entire episode of ‘Boon’ just because he was in it on a dodgy streaming website.


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