Introducing Myself into the Void

Welcome to my first ever blog post! I am a seventeen year old with a enormous love for the political theatre and everything else in between. Indeed, I feel like Politics is knowledge that the citizens of the world desperately need (democracy was founded by the Greek CITIZENS after all, not the elite) but is an interest that is slipping away for the many, especially in the two longstanding preachers of liberal democracy, the US and the UK. Whether you hate or love Trump, or hate or love Johnson, one scenario is become more and more common in today’s society: people are switching off. They are turning off their television, they are flipping to the next channel as they ‘can’t stand that innit’ or they ‘just don’t get it bruv.’ It’s a sad decline, especially in my age group (I say this but is it possibly a case for every teenage generation? I would love to know if it was the same in the 1970s, for example. Did teenagers in that age have the same attitude?). But, with an overflowing passion for Politics I am an anomie and want to help spread my love of the political knowledge to others and my political opinions, whatever they might be. So, this is why I created this blog. To talk everything to do with the political environment (the EVER CHANGING one, especially in *recent times*) voice my opinion, and even my own interpretations on classic political ideology, and how they may still stand in a global age.

However, to whoever who may be reading I stress an important factor. It is very easy to get swept up on Politics like it is some sort of soap opera, in both the US and the UK. Who am I kidding though? There have been days which I’ve sat in front of my TV and watched BBC Parliament like I’m binge watching Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix. Although while doing this, it is important to remember that everything talked about in contemporary politics is indeed, real. Yes, if you are a right wing supporter and a Brexiteer, Parliament is not delivering on the mandate of the people and you should feel angry about this. Yes, if you are a Remainer you believe that Johnson has misled the Queen into prolonging Parliament and that there should be a second referendum which is not happening, you should feel angry about this. It is very important to remember that these opinions are real, these events (although varied in interpretation) are real. Conflict in society is very real. The events that are happening have not been added to the cauldron to stir up a fire in a Eastenders, to get the rating figures up. Although many disagree on what is happening on society, they can be united in one thing: they’re angry. Politics is a naturally angry creature.

So without further ado, welcome! And enjoy the show. (and please, no slouching.)

Simple (political) facts about me:

  • I am left wing
  • I am a member of the Labour Party
  • I support Jeremy Corbyn, but do not by any means take everything he says to be gospel
  • my specialist subject is UK politics
  • Fun fact about me: Reciting the Pirates of Penzance: I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major General by heart is in my party trick

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