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The art of Politics.


Greetings and welcome to my blog…

People Power: the 48 hour long demonstration against the SuperLeague

“Who knows, perhaps we should even make football games shorter!” “Sixteen to twenty four year olds are no longer interested in the game!” “We are saving football.” -President of Real Madrid and former Super League dictator, Florentino Perez During a pandemic, where so many people across the world are grieving, losing their jobs and income […]

My Oxbridge Story

In an old notebook that my mum probably got from Poundland, I once wrote a fictional story about two talking horses who would become superheroes and embark on an adventure to save the world, with James Bond by their side. I never finished it, I got to around one hundred fifty pages. I got my […]

My Top 10 Tips to Getting into Oxbridge

It’s that time again when potential future students at the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are receiving their interview invitations. Seeing tweets over the past few days of students reveal their interview invites has not only warmed my heart with happiness, but also took me back to how I was this time […]

Dear Boris Johnson: Your Government Destroyed Me.

I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time. Dear Boris Johnson, If you happen to read this, make no mistake that I hate you, your government, and everything that you stand for. I do not mean that lightly in a passing comment way, either. I hate you. You and your administration have severely […]

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